One more DietBet…

I decided to participate in one final DietBet as part of my May Day Challenge (which has been renamed). After lots of consideration this evening, I signed up, and I have 4% to lose. This will mark my final DietBet, and will begin my maintenance mode. Of course, I’ll need to accomplish the goal first, and I’m looking forward to this next achievement.

The goal of this DietBet will be to get to 189.9, which is a little less lofty than my 185 goal. If I continue my path of adding muscle and burning fat simultaneously (which is difficult but completely doable), I will be able to achieve the goal. It will require really paying attention to what I am taking in from a diet/nutrition standpoint, as well as mixing up my exercise routine a bit as well. If I make it to 185, then great! However, the goal is 189.9, and I’m on my way…

I have a few races coming up, and will be sure to share!

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Day 57 of 57: Complete

Well, I finished up my 57 day challenge! Closed it up at 197 pounds, down 14.7 pounds since the beginning of the challenge. While I didn’t complete ALL of the activities (missed Yoga and boxing), I am treating myself to the date night with my wife, as well as a float session. While I would love to do the Cryo session, I don’t think that I’m ready for that yet, and quite frankly, I’ll probably get more out of a 60 minute float than I would out of a 3 minute Cryo session.

In other news, I also finished up my DietBet as a ‘winner’ for the last round, which means I get to split the pot of moolah with the other winners. It was my first DietBet won (6 month) and I’m excited to see how the other folks did as well.

Time for me to set up a few new goals and challenges. I have the May Day Challenge going, but thinking that I might need to reevaluate / recharge my goals after finishing up these.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Day 50 of 57: Home Stretch

I realized that it has been one year since starting Orangetheory Fitness, and what a year it has been! As of today (after a day and a half of ‘gastrointestinal debauchery’), I am 198.8 pounds, down from 243.3. I feel great, and I have been able to accomplish many goals related to my health and fitness. In addition, my wife succeeded in getting 1st place in the Orangetheory weight-loss challenge, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has been in great shape, and I normally get the recognition (because I had more weight to lose), but she put in a great effort and it paid off. Now, SHE is the one getting the recognition! Fantastic!!

I’m starting up a May Day (May 1st, 2016) Challenge. My goal for this month is to FINALLY reach my ultimate goal weight, as I am almost there. 185 pounds is right around the corner, and then I will be able to focus on maintaining, adding some muscle, and other fitness goals. I know (after last night’s celebration) that I’m holding some water weight, and that is ok. The goal will be reached, and I’m excited for the next portion of my adventure! Also, I am wrapping up my Diet Bet in one week and I’m on-track to succeed. Let’s DO THIS!!

Day 37 of 57: Run, Don’t Ewok!

What a weekend! This past weekend was the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge at Walt Disney World. I was ‘on the hook’ for a 10k on Saturday, and a 1/2 marathon on Sunday. While I didn’t PR in the 10k (missed it by about 1 minute), I did PR my 1/2 marathon at 2:33:25, down from 2:45:53. While one of my calf muscles was ‘on the fringe’, I felt fine for the entire race (no IT band problems), and the weather was absolutely perfect! My wife completed her first 1/2 marathon and crushed it, which was wonderful to experience. Tens of thousands of people participated, and it was great seeing folks in costumes, all of the signs (very funny ones, for sure!), and the energy of the crowd was great. While I normally prefer to run in a smaller crowd, it’s tough to beat Disney for the races that they put on. With that said, it looks like my next two half marathons will be the Cocoa Beach 1/2 in October, and then the Fort Lauderdale 1/2 in February. Not sure if I can sneak another one in somewhere between those dates, but we shall see.

Looking forward to the Rugged Maniac this weekend! Let’s do it!!

Day 30 of 57: The Force

My wife and I participated in the IOA Corporate 5k last Thursday, and despite going into the race thinking that we were going to just take it nice and easy and run the race together, we ended up both PR’ing! I ran my race in 29:15, and she ran it in 27:15. It was my first ever 5k in under 30 minutes, and I have Orangetheory to thank for it. There were over 17,000 people at the race, and it was a lively event with folks from all different companies in what Orlando calls the ‘largest office party’. We had PERFECT weather, and it helped that my wife and I decided to take the green wristbands (which means that we were going to get to the front of the pack to run the race harder instead of the middle of the pack). I started the race at a pace that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to maintain, but kept telling myself ‘chin up, eyes forward, keep going’, and the rest was history!

As for my last weigh-in, I am at 202.3 with a lower BF% than before. I think I’m exchanging BF for muscle, and we all know how that goes in terms of the scale. Clothes fit great, and I’m looking forward to this weekend…. Dark Side Challenge 10k and 1/2 marathon! Will keep you posted…

Day 20 of 57: Foolish Friday


I had a dream last night that I ran a 5k in around 18 minutes. I don’t know where the hell it came from, but I can say that it felt WONDERFUL. Of course, I ended up waking up at 230am and couldn’t really fall back asleep, so Orangetheory was interesting this morning. Anyhow, it was all about getting it done, and that’s what happened.

I’m currently 204.2 pounds, and I’ve been the exact same weight over the past three days. I am happy to say that it is the healthiest weight that I’ve been since college, and I feel fantastic! Of course, I would LOVE to get myself under the 200# mark, but for now, the focus is on how I feel and how excited I am to be taking part in FOUR (as of now) races this month; the IOA Corporate 5k, the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge (10k and 1/2 marathon), and the Rugged Maniac OCR (5k obstacle course race). I ran the Disney 1/2 in January, and since then, I’ve been going to Orangetheory five days a week in preparation for the upcoming races. I am fully prepared from a cardio standpoint, and I’m HOPING that everything holds up mechanically. We will soon see…

Day 15: Happy Easter

First off, Happy Easter to everyone! While some folks don’t celebrate Easter, I always considered it a holiday of new beginnings, and considering that it wasn’t that long ago when I decided to embark on a ‘new beginning’ with my health and fitness, I figured it was a perfect time to inspire others that might be considering making a change and/or a new start to their lives through exercise and diet. Everyone ‘starts’ somewhere, and the step that is taken doesn’t have to be monumental. I hope that if you run across this blog, that you take a step towards health; we are ALL worth it and deserve our best self for sure. GO GET IT!

I checked in at 205.1 pounds today. Over the past six days, I’ve gone between 205.8 and 204.5. It feels as if I’m approaching another plateau, so I decided to jumpstart the metabolism and give myself a ‘free’ day, whereby I don’t count calories and SORT OF eat what I want, but I definitely do not go overboard. For example, today is Easter, and there is a TON of Easter candy around the house. The reality is, I have zero desire to eat Easter candy (as in, not even a piece). However, I did get a sandwich from Wawa this morning, which totally hit the spot. When I look back on my calorie intake and weight (prior to this challenge), I’ve noticed that I’ve dropped fat when I’ve allowed my body to take a ‘rest’ from my relatively restrictive diet. So, we’ll see how it goes!

Do you ever take any days or meals for ‘free’? How has that worked for you?

Day 11,12 of 57: storm

Weighed in at 204.5 this morning, and I’m 12 successful days into the challenge. It has been tricky at times, but I’ve been doing well, and I am proud of my results thus far.

In other news, I received my corral placement for the Dark Side Challenge!I can’t wait to get going on the races, and I’m excited that my wife is running in her first half marathon as well. This will be my first time long running with only Orangetheory as my training. I believe my cardio is good to go, but it will be interesting to see how my body holds up. We shall see….

I hope everyone crushed their goals today! Let me know how you are doing.

Day 10 of 57: Movin’ On Down!

Clocked in at 205 pounds flat this morning, making it 38 pounds ‘adjusted’ since starting Orangetheory. I can’t believe that I’m THAT close to getting back under 200 pounds, which hasn’t happened since college! Insanity! Yesterday was an 1865 calorie day along with an Orangetheory endurance workout, and I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow morning’s workout. Overall, I haven’t been overly hungry, considering the fact that I make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day. I also take a B12 vitamin and a multivitamin to help supplement my diet. An example of my day is as follows:

  • 1.5c Cheerios (but, mostly a protein bar or egg breakfast)
  • 3/4c skim
  • 1 cup coffee with 1 serving creamer
  • protein bar
  • nuts & raisins (1 serving)
  • low fat cheese sticks (2)
  • 4 halo oranges
  • 1 bag steam in a bag broccoli with 1 serving shredded cheese
  • 1 banana
  • healthy dinner at a reasonable portion size
  • small dessert (calories permitting) – I like apple with peanut butter, or a small chocolate candy

I hope everyone is well. Much love to those out there and keep the peace.


Day 7,8,9 of 57: Oh Row You Don’t!

Finished off a wonderful weekend by visiting family over at the coast. The weather didn’t quite cooperate on the way there, but we managed to swim and enjoy quality time together. Also managed to see two bald eagles perched on a tree by my aunt and uncle’s house, which was a really neat thing to catch. Pizza was on the menu, but of course, I stuck to the salad. Had a SLIVER of my aunt’s cheesecake that she made.. well worth it! Two Orangetheory classes (one on Saturday, one on Sunday), and healthy decisions the entire weekend.

Woke up this morning and weighed in at 206.5 on the home scale (5.2 pounds down for THIS challenge, 36.5 pounds down from April 2015). Managed to get to an Orangetheory class this morning with Coach Bryan. It was an ‘endurance’ class this morning, and I managed to fall off the rower during the 100m row (first time falling off, but I laughed at myself and moved on) 🙂 It happens… haha

Happy Monday!